The Amps and Speakers:
 Speakers are GR Research Paradox 3's. They're splayed way in, because the room is only 13 feet long. -My listening position is only from 7-10 feet away, and the sharp splaying 'blends' the sound into a continuous wide soundstage (on most recordings) so that the position of the speakers is indiscernible: It dosen't sound like the music is coming from two separate speakers. If you close your eyes and listen, you can't tell where the speakers are.
  Acoustic Treatment:
 The wall behind the speakers is covered with high density fiberglass (which is covered with 1 mil plastic), and also the ceiling and walls beside them, for the front 1/3 of the room (4 feet). This absorbs 'early reflections' of sound from behind & beside the speakers. Early reflections really mess up the clarity and imaging, as a result of phase cancellation and comb filtering effects, and also 'tell your brain' that your in a small room. Absorbing early reflections (those that occur within about 20 milliseconds of the original sound) makes a dramatic improvement in sound.
 Also, as the room is only about 13 feet long, 9-1/2 feet wide, and 8 feet tall, there is a fair amount of bass resonance in the range of 40-70 Hz. I could improve this by using 'bass traps' (like Helmholz resonators, or 'tube traps'), but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Anyway; the next pair of amps I build will be set up in the (much larger) living room that has less of a resonance problem.