The Electronics Bench:
 Most of the equipment is just average economical stuff, but 'gets the job done' just fine. On the shelf from L-R; a nice old variable high voltage (0-500v) power supply (brand unknown, has Burlington meters, built like a tank); Tenma 72-450 AC millivoltmeter; Micronta 22-195 multimeter & Victor VC2002 function generator (I modified this in several ways, and might devote a web page to this sometime); Beckman Industrial 9020 oscilloscope; a 2-channel 8 ohm amplifier load tester I built (maybe another web page for this sometime); and a 5 amp, 0-130v variable transformer (aka 'variac', a genericized trademark). On the benchtop, a combination work light & solder dispenser I built; Hickok LX 303 multimeter; another Micronta 22-195 multimeter; B&K Precision PR-28 high voltage probe (1000:1) and a Weller WESD51 soldering station. 

 My Hickok 533A tube tester. Good basic tester for most audio tubes from early 4-pin triodes (like 45's & 2A3's), & 4-pin rectifiers (like 80's & 83's) to later 9-pin miniatures (like 6DJ8's).